Lady Gaga makes surprise appearance in Marc Jacobs fashion NYFW show

Lady Gaga has made a surprise appearance at Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2016 show.

Gaga has been extremely busy lately, having well-received performances left and right, like singing the national anthem at Superbowl and performing a David Bowie tribute in the Grammys, a performance where she wore Jacobs’ design. She also recently won Golden Globe for her performance in American Horror Story: Hotel.

According to reports, Gaga showed up at the fashion show venue in Park Avenue Armory, and insisted on being treated like all the other models participating in the show.

She walked the catwalk after Kendall Jenner did, and wore an oversized coat with fur sleeves. See snapshots here.

In true Marc Jacobs fashion, the show was an entertaining, eccentric feast for the eyes. A report by USA Today described it as having gaga and 64 other models having “flapper-style hair and dark, goth eye make-up and lipstick,” and “full skirts, big bows, fur, feathers, Victorian-style looks, and even a puffy coat with feathers over a gown. Most were in black or gray but there were a few pops of color including one purple and black striped long dress.”

The show’s inspiration was reportedly Japanese musician Keiji Haino’s music. According to The Daily Beast, “Haino is ‘known for his use of the concept of Ma, which is typically translated as pause or space. Ma has been described as ‘the haunted spaces between the notes.’’ Hence the chimes.”

“There was no music. Instead, bells chimed at varying decibels, at one point getting high enough to be almost uncomfortable,” it added.

At the end of the show, made a brief appearance and took a bow wearing a Hillary Clinton shirt.